Matilda The Musical

Monday, May 20 6-9 pm 
Tuesday, May 21 6-9 pm
Wednesday, May 22 6-7 pm Kids only
Byron Middle School

Audition Process
1.    Sign up for an audition time at (click link)
2.    Fill out the Online Audition Form (click link) or complete out a paper copy at auditions
3.    Review your summer conflicts and write them on the conflict calendar (click link).  You may also fill this out at auditions if you do not want to print it yourself.
3.    Prepare 30-60 seconds of a song for auditions.  Sing acapella or with a karaoke recording using your phone or a cd. Songs from Matilda are welcome and available here along with excerpts from the script that we will be reading (audition materials) (click link). 
4.    Be prepared to read a monologue from the script at the audition.  You may review the excerpt briefly at the audition or look at all of them online here if you would prefer to prepare in advance.  We may ask you to read more than one if needed but expect to read only one of them. Adults only, please use a british accent.  Children 3rd-8th grade, no accent please.
5.    If we need to see you again, we will ask you to come to callbacks on Wednesday, May 22nd. Info TBA as needed.



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